Apple releases Xcode 14 Beta 2 with Stage Manager Simulator

Apple has released Xcode 14 beta 2 for developers to test. The build number is 14A5229c.

Xcode 14 beta includes everything you need to build amazing apps for all Apple platforms. It includes beta SDKs for iOS 16, iPadOS 16, tvOS 16, watchOS 9, and macOS 13.

New Features in Xcode 14 Beta 2
● Comments on TestFlight screenshots are now available in Xcode Organizer. You can now view screenshots and text comments for iOS and macOS in Xcode by selecting the “Comments” item in the reports section of the sidebar. To get started, sign in with the Apple developer account associated with your TestFlight application and open the organizer by selecting Window > Organizer from the menu bar. In addition to viewing feedback, you can contact testers directly and share feedback with members of your development team. (56519107)

● The Game Center entitlement is now available for apps on iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. If your app uses Game Center, it will automatically receive this entitlement when you regenerate your provisioning profile. If you use auto-sign, Xcode will automatically generate a new provisioning profile for you. If you’re using manual signing, you’ll need to sign in to your account at and regenerate your provisioning profile. If you plan to continue using Game Center in your app, add the entitlement to your entitlement file in Xcode. If not, remove the feature in Xcode and disable Game Center on your App ID in your developer account at (90667072)

Manager can be enabled in the iOS simulator in the home screen settings panel. (94537360)

● Xcode prioritizes SwiftUI view types when typing in SwiftUI view builders. (83846531)

● Syntax highlighting of regex literals has been updated to support the latest rapid evolution proposal SE-0354 Regex Literals. In particular, it now correctly handles what looked like unclosed literals followed by a comment, literals used in try and await expressions, and performs better disambiguation with prefix operators that contain a /. (93673226, 92355356, 94661164, 95146866)

● Various standard library protocols now declare primary related types, for example Sequence and Collection declare a single primary related type Element. For example, it allows to write the types of some Collection and any collection. SE-0358. (93929895)

Developers can download Xcode 14 Beta 2 from the link below…

To download

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