Apple takes victory over Epic Games

A federal court sided with Apple in his case against Epic games, Wednesday, December 8, suspended an injunction that would require the company to allow external payment links in the Apple App Store.

“Apple has demonstrated, at a minimum, that its appeal raises serious questions about the merits of the district court’s ruling that Epic Games, Inc. failed to demonstrate that Apple’s behavior violated antitrust laws,” but showed the same behavior violated California’s unfair competition law, ”said the ruling, issued by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

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Apple had requested the stay last week. Had the court ruled against Apple, the tech giant should have started this week allowing direct payment alternatives for in-app purchases.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ordered the injunction in September, ruling that Apple couldn’t stop developers from posting links or taking other steps to keep users away from in-app purchases. Apple appealed the decision, but Rogers ruled against the company last month.

In its Dec. 2 filing, Apple cited testimony from Trystan Kosmynka, the company’s senior director of application review, who said that an injunction “would reduce user confidence in … digital content purchases,” hurting Apple and developers, because “users will be less inclined to make purchases.

Epic Games, maker of Fortnite, has been one of Apple’s harshest critics of the App Store, and is also suing Apple in Australia for similar reasons.

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Last month, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney called for a universal app store that would encompass both Google and Apple.

“What the world really needs now is a single store that works across all platforms,” Sweeney said. “Right now, software ownership is fragmented between the iOS App Store, the Android Google Play Marketplace, various stores on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, then the Microsoft Store and the Mac App Store.”

He added that his company was working on a system with developers and service providers that would allow customers “to buy software in one place, knowing they would have it on all devices and all platforms.”



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