BIXOLON adds the small and economical SPP-C200 and SPP-C300 to its range of mobile printers

The SPP-C200 and SPP-C300 are our effort to bring new opportunities with lower TCO to our global customer base. The extended range covering the low end of the mobile reception market will consolidate our strong presence as a world leader.

BIXOLON Co., Ltd, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile, label and point-of-sale printers, today announced the launch of the SPP-C200 2 inch (58 mm) and SPP-C300 3 printers. inches (80mm). Featuring USB Type-C® connectivity, an ultra-lightweight design, and reliable, low-cost receipt printing performance, the new mobile printers meet the demands of today’s fiercely competitive marketplace. They are both ideal for a wide range of field scenarios such as direct store delivery, onboard sales, queuing suppression and proof of delivery applications in a wide variety of industries.

Equipped with a single-cell battery, the SPP-C200 and SPP-C300 deliver 3000 mAh, greater power capacity in smaller form factors compared to BIXOLON’s previous mobile printers. They support workers in the field for a long time without changing the battery. Offering a user-centric design for easy paper loading and intuitive LED lights to indicate printer status, both printers ensure a superior level of user experience.

With IP42 certification, both new innovations can be easily protected against dust and liquid spills to ensure smooth operation while minimizing printer downtime and repair costs. They come with convenient charging and data communication via a universal USB Type-C® cable and reliable Bluetooth connectivity support. A wide range of drivers and SDKs on various platforms including iOS™, Android™ and Windows® are provided, along with compatibility with mobile printing software such as BIXOLON’s free mPrint app for iOS ™ and Android™.

Producing 58mm wide receipts with print resolutions of 203dpi at 80mm/s, the SPP-C200 offers 1.5m (5ft) drop test reliability to ensure smooth operation in harsh environments. shock-prone conditions and accommodates media roll diameters up to 40mm. Meanwhile, the SPP-C300 prints a 3-inch receipt at 50mm/sec with 203dpi resolutions. The printer is designed to withstand multiple 1.2m (4ft) drops and supports a media roll diameter of 50mm.

“The SPP-C200 and SPP-C300 are our effort to bring new opportunities with lower TCO to our global customer base. The extended lineup covering the low end of the mobile receipt market will cement our strong presence as a global leader. says John Kim, Marketing Director at BIXOLON.

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The SPP-C200 and SPP-C300 are available now for the BIXOLON head office sales region. The product will then be available for purchase in the sales regions of BIXOLON America and BIXOLON Europe from January 2023.


BIXOLON is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative and advanced printing technologies, including point-of-sale receipts, labels, automatic identification and mobile printers for a wide range of environments. Millions of BIXOLON printers are used today in retail, hospitality, healthcare, banking, ticketing, post/parcel, warehousing and other transaction-intensive industries. In 2021, for the eighth consecutive year, BIXOLON was named the global market leader in mobile receipt printers by Japanese research company Chunichisha.

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