Friday show celebrates 25 years of Charlie C & The Cuzamatics

In 1996, a bunch of guys from the rock band “The Latest” decided they’d had enough.

“We didn’t like that name, for some reason,” said member Charlie Casmus. “We just stopped playing for about three or four months.”

Renamed Charlie C & The Cuzamatics, the band played their first show on January 25, 1997 in Montgomery at the now defunct Sports Palace Cafe. Since then they have been performing rock songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s with a bit of soul.

“We’ve played 812 gigs since that time,” Casmus said.

Number 813 is Friday from 7-10 p.m. at Jan’s Beach House Grill in Montgomery for the band’s 25th anniversary show.

“We just try to play danceable rock and roll music,” Casmus said. “It’s basically the same thing. We just try to change the songs… Lots of Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin. Stuff like that.”

Over the years there have been several members. Along with Casmus, their original lineup included Donnie Sheehan, Bruce Lovett and Neil Young. The group also had Tony McCarty (now with Jeff & The Johnsons) and all members of Outside the Inside (Young, Mark DePlanche and Steve Wingard.)

“I have to mention Steve Long. He was our sound and light guy for years,” Casmus said. “He passed away about six months ago.”

The current lineup consists of Casmus, Lovett, Pat Rance and Johny Moses (who was part of the original band The Latest).

Casmus thanked all the fans who have come to hear them over the years.

“We’re going to keep paying as long as people keep coming to enjoy it,” Casmus said.

Follow them on Facebook at Charlie C & the Cuzamatics. To reserve them, call 334-277-5980.

Charlie C and the Cuzamatics

So what are Cuzamatics?

It’s pretty easy to see where the first part of the band’s name comes from in

The name of Casmus, but what are the Cuzamatics?

Casmus said it had nothing to do with the music.

“I also play softball, amateur softball, and my nickname is Cuz,” Casmus said. “I had a summer softball season where I was just getting hit after hit. Instead of them saying I was an automatic hit, they would say I was a Cuzamatic instead.”

The name stuck and was carried over into the band.

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