Highpoint SSD6200 Series Controllers for NVMe RAID HBAs

While NVMe storage devices offer significant performance and reliability advantages over their platter-based counterparts, many Linux and VMware-based applications continue to rely on older SAS and SATA solutions in due to the immediate availability of RAID storage at the firmware level and native driver support.

The SSD6200 product family was designed to address these concerns. NVMe RAID capability is embedded at the firmware level and operates independently of the host. Additionally, SSD6200 series controllers are natively supported by all major virtualization platforms, such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Proxmox, and all current versions and distributions of Windows, Linux, and Linux operating systems. and FreeBSD. This native built-in driver support allows administrators to update the kernel, apply patches, or download and install scheduled updates whenever needed, using standard operating procedures. No workarounds, no hassles, no surprises.

Upgrade your server or workstation with dedicated NVMe host RAID architecture and built-in driver support
The SSD6200 series host RAID controllers are the industry’s most cost-effective bootable NVMe storage solutions. Compact 2- and 4-port NVMe Host RAID controllers support cost-effective, plug-and-play M.2 SSDs of any capacity, can be easily integrated into any PCIe Gen3 server or workstation or Gen4 industry standard, and are natively supported by all major virtual machine and operating system platforms, such as VMware, Proxmox and Hyper-V.

In addition to the superior performance and data security provided by the dedicated NVMe host RAID architecture, HighPoint SSD6200 series controllers provide administrators with an extensive selection of management and monitoring tools designed to mitigate downtime risks. streamlining service and upgrade workflows.

Built-in redundancy for system disks
The SSD6200 series controllers feature built-in Host RAID 0 & 1 technology. RAID 1, also known as “data mirroring”, remains one of the most effective ways to secure a bootable system disk against the possibility of device failure.

RAID 1 creates a hidden, automated backup of the target drive; in this case, a bootable NVMe SSD. If the original fails, the mirrored backup will immediately and transparently take over the reins. This allows the host system to stay online and continue to operate tirelessly.

Although simple in concept, the redundancy provided by RAID 1 is essential for many server-based applications, especially virtual machines and hosting solutions, which must remain available for 24/7/365 client access.

Complete management suite
The SSD6200 series controllers provide a full suite of software management interfaces. Administrators of any experience level can easily configure, diagnose, and maintain RAID storage and NVMe SSDs inside and outside of the host operating system.

The WebGUI is a simple and intuitive graphical user interface designed to work with all modern web browsers. It is equipped with wizard-like quick setup menus as well as a suite of advanced tools for expert administrators.

The CLI (Command Line Interface) is ideal for experienced administrators or platforms that do not use graphical operating systems.

SHI (Storage Health Inspector): CLI and WebGUI both include our SHI functionality, which allows customers to monitor NVMe SSD health via SMART, real-time attributes such as temperature, TBW (Total Bytes Written) and working status. .

The UEFI package is a command-line RAID creation tool used to prepare NVMe configurations for OS installation without the need for a separate operating system or application, and can be run from from a single

A BIOS level interface is also available for specific configurations – please contact us for more information.

Simplify on-site installation and maintenance workflows
NVMe SSD6200 and RocketMate 200 Series storage solutions offer a variety of management and monitoring features designed to streamline setup, deployment, and field maintenance workflows.

Versatile Form Factors – SSD6200 NVMe Host RAID Controllers are available in half-height or full-height form factors, and can be easily integrated into any standard PC workstation, server, and rackmount platform with a free PCIe Gen3 or Gen4 x8 or x16 slot.

Universal Compatibility – The SSD6200 series controllers support any standard M.2 NVMe SSD and impose no capacity limitations. The SSD6202A/6202 models support 2242/2260/2280 form factors, while the SSD6204A/6204 are also capable of supporting full-length 22110 SSDs.

RAID Roaming – Arrays created using one SSD6200 controller can be moved to another SSD6200 controller and will remain intact and functional, even if the NVMe SSDs are connected to a different port. This feature is ideal for controller upgrade or replacement procedures, as M.2 SSDs can be moved freely between any SSD6200 series controller.

Hardware RAID Switch – The SSD6200A variants feature a hardware switch for instant RAID configuration. No operating system or software application required; administrators can instantly configure RAID 1 mirroring for maximum security, RAID 0 striping for maximum performance and capacity, or configure SSDs to operate as independent drives, without having to physically install the controller.

LED Indication – The SSD6200A variants feature carrier-mounted LED indicators that are capable of tracking the status and I/O of RAID configurations and NVMe media. Learn more…

OOB Port – The SSD6200A variants provide an out-of-band management port and an integrated console management interface. OOB is ideal for on-site maintenance and field services because it allows RAID storage to be directly administered, independent of the host platform.

Need more than a DIY solution? Let HighPoint build you a complete NVMe RAID drive.

NVMe SSD6200 series host RAID controllers are also available as complete, turnkey storage solutions. HighPoint FnL BRD6200 bootable AIC RAID drives are made to order and are available with up to 15.36TB of pre-configured RAID 0, 1 or JBOD storage.

BRD6200 AIC drives aren’t just a collection of pre-assembled components – each drive model has been thoroughly tested in real-world server environments. We only use premium quality NVMe SSDs, which have been hand-selected for their excellent performance and reliability characteristics, and superior TBW ratings. Each FnL AIC reader is covered by a 3-year warranty.

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