How to get started with social messaging platform

What makes Discord stand out from the crowd and what does it have to do with gaming?

Many online communities have adapted to include chat rooms on Discord. Gamers often use Discord as a communication tool, where students can use Discord as hubs to connect with their classmates. Discord has indeed brought together global and local communities so that they can engage in social activities such as texting, voice and video chat, and screen sharing. What sets Discord apart from other social platforms from Slack, Whatsapp, TeamSpeak, etc. is how well-managed the whole system is, how flexible the social features are, and how easily it is integrated across a range of platforms. Discord is accessible from an online browser, installed as an application and even receives new additional support with Microsoft and sony to stay connected with your friends, family and communities while you play on your console.


Discord offers many benefits, so we’ve explained how to access Discord while outlining the features that make Discord a universal virtual social platform.

What is Discord?

Discord is officially described as a social platform that can host Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video conferencing, and instant messaging. It was released in May 2015 but went through a lot of changes to bring new social features, such as audio quality and noise cancellation updates, Nitro subscription for premium access, and video integration. Players first used Discord to coordinate raids and team play, but later the app morphed into a versatile communication platform once some major feature updates rolled in. been deployed. Now, Discord is one of the leading social platforms on the internet today.

How to Access Discord

You can access Discord from a web browser or the Discord app. The Discord app is the superior version for desktop when it comes to the native voice engine, in-game overlay, and sharing your activities from connected gaming apps, but the Discord web browser is still a great option for accessibility as it can be charged. on most web browsers on your PC. Mobile users will need to download the app to access Discord.

Launch Discord on your web browser

  1. Open Google Chrome or any web browser and visit the Web page discord.
  2. Click on Open Discord in your browser if you are a new user; otherwise, click Login. New users will be prompted to create a new account before continuing.
  3. After logging in, you are taken to the main Discord page showing your servers, friends, and message. You are there! Once logged in, click Discord open to relaunch Discord in your web browser.

Download Discord App on PC

  1. Open Google Chrome or any web browser and visit the Web page discord.
  2. Click on Download for Windows to download the Discord app setup.
  3. Once DiscordSetup.exe has finished downloading, click on the file to start the installation.
  4. After installing the app, locate and click on the Discord app on your computer to launch the app.

Download the Discord app on Android

  1. Launch the Google Play Store and search for Discord to begin installation; alternatively, you can access the download from our widget under this section.
  2. After downloading the installation, press Open to start launching the app.
  3. Press on Register; if you are a new Discord user, you will be asked to create a Discord account. If you already have an account, tap Login.
  4. Once logged in, you will have access to the full Discord app – enjoy!

Discord Features

Discord offers many features that make it an attractive social platform to participate in. We’ve summarized some of the best attributes Discord has to offer below.

  1. Discord Servers: This is where you will mingle with a group of people gathered under one roof. You can create, join and invite other users inside a server. Servers can be about anything you want. Sky is the limit.
  2. Discord Channels: Channels are like separate categories for different topics (you can have categories for channels and define a channel topic). You can join a server on cars, motorcycles and jeeps, but you are only interested in jeeps. Channels are a great way to stick to an area of ​​interest. Channels are easy to manage and can be individually muted, marked as read when looking to set social limits.
  3. Discord Bots: Not all tools need to be managed manually; Discord bots bring fun activities/entertainment, server management, and new security options. Adding a bot is simple and managing it can be done with a few simple commands. If you are up for the task and believe in your programming skills, you can create your own bot to use!
  4. Voice and video chat: One of the best features Discord has to offer. You can create specific chats for voice and enable/disable video chat. You will have the option to share the screen and broadcast your games, a perfect way to spend time and share your activities with your friends.
  5. Text and emojis: If you want your communication to be simplified, you should choose to just send SMS and use emoticons on a server with optional Nitro, stickers and gifs integrated.
  6. Direct Messaging: Servers may be a little too big for your taste, and that’s okay. Discord offers many ways to connect with friends and family using one-to-one private messaging or group chats!

Discord is a customizable social experience

As long as you intend to connect with other people over the internet, Discord will have something for you. We don’t have to let distance determine how close our relationships are when we have social apps like Discord that can help bring us closer. If you’re already part of a community looking for better social integration options, creating a Discord server could be what takes your community to the next level.

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