How to set up Universal Clipboard between Android and PC

If you often copy text between your Android device and your PC, you know that the process is not easy. Android and Windows aren’t tightly integrated, so they often lack built-in cross-platform features like a universal clipboard. A universal clipboard makes it easy to copy and paste between two devices, without the need for third-party email, notepad, or messaging apps.

You can find hundreds of universal clipboard (or cloud clipboard) apps on the Google Play Store. But most of them are either too complicated to set up or too limited in their functionality, including paid ones. Some only work in the desktop browser, and some don’t sync automatically when text is copied.

Instead, we’ll be using free Microsoft products to configure our feature-rich Universal Clipboard between Android and Windows. Windows 10 and Android Swiftkey sync support was announced in 2021. It seamlessly syncs the latest text copied to the cloud and pushes it to your Android keyboard. Microsoft also encrypts clipboard data for better privacy and security, and it is not stored or processed on their servers (via SwiftKey).

How to set up a universal keyboard between your Android and your PC

You’ll need three things to get started: a Microsoft account, the Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard for Android, and Windows 10 (at least October 2018 release) or higher.

First, let’s configure Windows for cloud clipboard.

  1. Create a new Microsoft account. Or log in if you already have one. Open the Settings app (with the search bar or start menu) and click Connect in the top left.

  2. Next, navigate to System > Clipboard in the Settings app.

  3. Toggle the “Clipboard History” and “Sync Across Devices” switches.

  4. Windows also lets you choose between automatic sync and manual sync options. Automatic synchronization sends the copied text directly to the Android clipboard. Otherwise, you’ll need to launch the Windows Clipboard app (Win key + V) and choose the clip data you want to sync (via SwiftKey Support).

The configuration for Android is similar.

  1. Install Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard from Google Play Store.

  2. When prompted, make Microsoft SwiftKey the default input method.

  3. Sign in to your Microsoft account (Google accounts do not support cloud clipboard).

  4. To enable clip synchronization, navigate to Rich Entry > Clipboard.

  5. Flip the sync keyboard history toggle. Your Windows and Swiftkey clipboards will now be in sync.

  6. You can also enable the “Show last copy as a quick paste option on the prediction bar” feature for convenient pasting.

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