Liam Gallagher: C’mon You Know review – star cast, earth results | Liam Gallagher

give he was written off as Gallagher Brother Least Likely To when Oasis imploded in 2009, a sentiment made worse by Beady Eye’s disappointing career, it’s perhaps surprising that it was Liam, not Noel, who was sold two nights at Knebworth then month. The fact that he achieved such popularity while his solo albums have always been solid rather than exciting makes it an even more remarkable feat.

Come on you know hardly gets the pulse racing any more than its two predecessors, despite Gallagher’s overt attempt to expand his palate. A cast of stars, writers, producers and special guests, including Dave Grohl, Ezra Koenig and Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, provide plenty of polish and ideas, prompting an unexpected release in the dub (I’ m Free) and beautiful flourishes throughout (like the euphoric female backing vocals on the standout title track).

Elsewhere, there is a subplot involving the Stones around let it bleed: recent single Everything’s Electric, co-written by Grohl, has a guitar coda that echoes Gimme Shelter (plus Sympathy for the Devil woo-woos, for good measure). Opener More Power (key lyric: “Mother, I’ll admit I’ve been angry too long”), meanwhile, has an altar boy intro that’s perhaps a bit too much in the style of You Can’t Always Get What You Want to doesn’t sound like pastiche.

Gallagher still has a voice that can imbue even the most meaningless lyrics with more feeling than they deserve. But the old adage about cooks and broth holds true, because despite the best efforts of the crack crew around it, the results are largely unremarkable and at times, as in the case of Oh Sweet Children, downright sickening. .

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