Recosoft ships IR2Office 2022 – Adobe Illustrator 2022 to PowerPoint and Keynote

1 Simple Step to Convert Illustrator Data to PowerPoint Using IR2Office 2022

IR2Office 2022 offers the best performance when converting graphics and Illustrator data to PowerPoint or Keynote formats on Apple Silicon machines “- Paramjit Chadha, MD, Recosoft Corporation

IR2Office 2022 integrates directly with Adobe Illustrator, version 2022 and works natively on hardware based on Apple Silicon. IR2Office 2022 also includes improvements refining the convert Illustrator illustrations to native PowerPoint and Apple Keynote graphics.

IR2Office converts Illustrator artwork, text, related property information, images and other properties of objects and documents to the corresponding Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote type convert each art board into a slide equivalent to the final PowerPoint or Keynote document.

New key features

  • Support for Adobe Illustrator, version 2022

IR2Office 2022 supports Illustrator version 2022 while supporting Illustrator CC versions 2018 through 2021

IR2Office 2022 which is a universal binary, works natively on Apple Silicon machines.

IR2Office 2022 has been enhanced to work on macOS 12.

IR2Office 2022 is immediately available in the following configuration from the Recosoft online store (by license):

ID2Office 2022 Annual Subscription (macOS) US $ 99.99

Required configuration

Mac OS: macOS 10.15.x or higher

Hardware: Apple Silicon or Intel based Mac

Application: Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 to 2022

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