The Frontiers and Retrospective programs show how heritage drives innovation

From artificial intelligence to arts and games, industry experts tackle some of the most important topics in infographics

SIGGRAPH 2022 shines a light on the many voices that have facilitated the evolution of computer graphics and interactive techniques. The Frontiers and Retrospective programs feature pioneers and industry experts in panels and workshops for a passionate look at untold stories, influential voices, emerging topics and new breakthroughs. The 49th Annual Conference runs August 8-11 in person and virtually July 25-October 31, 2022.

The Retrospective program brings together the pioneers and leaders who have enabled computer graphics to improve lives. Panel topics have pioneers and practitioners taking ideas in new directions, forcing the industry to rethink assumptions, take risks and achieve greatness. Panel topics include fundamental events in infographics, the impact of infographics on life, the evolution of interfaces with infographics, and the pioneers and unheard voices that expanded infographics and user interfaces.

The Frontiers program aims to identify emerging areas and introduce SIGGRAPH to new communities, where we hope to form future partnerships and collaborations with industries we may not have previously considered. The goal of the program is to make these conferences the place where exciting new technologies in and alongside computer graphics and interactive techniques are discovered and advanced. Through a series of conferences and workshops, the Frontiers program aims to stimulate research and innovation in new areas such as AR/VR, AI, robotics, arts, visualization, games , responsible innovation, etc.

“While many advances in computer graphics have been recorded in textbooks and archives, there are still many remarkable but untold stories and unheard voices,” said Benjamin Loc SIGGRAPH 2022 Retrospective Program Chair. “With our retrospective panels, we go behind the images with a wide range of people and hear about their journeys to learn about the critical moments, fundamental events and breakthroughs that affect us all today.”

Highlights of the retrospective program include:

Innovate: Establish Graphics Worldwide

Moderator: Mary Whitton , UNC Chapel Hill (Department of Computer Science, retired)
Speakers: Jon Mead NW Old Boys Rugby Club (retired); Maxine Brown , University of Illinois at Chicago ; Marcelo Knorich Zuffo, University of Sao Paulo ; Joaquin Jorge University of Lisbon (ULisboa), INESC-ID
Infographic pioneers explain how infographics developed at the time United States and in different parts of the world. Their lessons learned along the way can be applied by today’s professionals for continued groundbreaking work in today’s new and fluid landscape.

Infographic Pioneers

Moderator: Masha Shugrina NVIDIA Corporation
Speakers: Caroline Cruz Neira , University of Central Florida ; Holly Rushmeier , Yale University ; Joan Collins ACM SIGGRAPH, West Coast Pictures, LLC; Therese-Marie Rhyne; Kristine Middlemiss
Powerful Women in Graphics panelists share industry and academic insights and career paths that have contributed to historic advancements in computer graphics. Participants learn about the opportunities looming on the horizon for women in the tech community and how the past can influence the future in this exciting time of growth.

Disruptions of Computer Graphics in Art, Science, Visualization, Engineering, and Modeling

Moderator: Brian Wyville , University of Victoria
Speakers: Yoichiro Kawaguchi The University of Tokyo (Skilled); Eugene Fiume , Simon Fraser University ; David Kasic ACM SIGGRAPH; Alyn Rockwood ACM SIGGRAPH
Various panelists, all innovators and disruptors, examine how infographics are being used to change the worlds of art, science, engineering and, at the heart of infographics itself, modeling. Their paths to success serve as inspiration to young SIGGRAPHers looking to make a disruption in their chosen fields.

“Advances in artificial intelligence, as well as augmented and virtual reality present the need to talk about the latest in computer graphics to connect users to virtual environments and more,” said Vathsal Veena Shashidhar, President of the SIGGRAPH 2022 Frontiers program. “Conferences and workshops allow us, as innovators, to cover these topics and more. We can inspire and influence creators to make an impact in the physical and virtual worlds.”

Highlights of the Frontiers program include:

Metric telepresence using codec avatars

Donor: Yaser Sheikh Meta-search
Yaser Sheikh from Meta Reality Labs discusses progress toward achieving metric telepresence. It describes Meta’s approach using codec avatars – neural networks to solve computer vision and computer graphics problems in the transmission and reception of photorealistic avatar signals. It also presents the large-scale systems needed to train codec avatars, visually and acoustically, and the research challenges ahead to achieve large-scale metric telepresence.

Art in the Age of AI: Can Computers Create Art?

Donor: Aaron Hertzman Adobe Search
Can AI algorithms make art and be considered artists? Over the past decade, the growth of new neural network algorithms has enabled exciting new art forms with considerable public interest. Aaron Hertzman explains how these developments parallel the development of previous artistic technologies, such as oil painting, photography and traditional computer graphics.

Access to the SIGGRAPH 2022 Retrospective and Frontiers programs is available in-person and online. Learn more and register for the conference at .


MCA the Association for Computing Machinery, is the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, bringing together educators, researchers, and professionals to inspire dialogue, share resources, and address challenges in the field. SIGGRAPH ACM is a special interest group within the ACM that serves as an interdisciplinary community for members of research, technology, and applications in computer graphics and interactive techniques. The SIGGRAPH conference is the world’s largest annual interdisciplinary educational experience showcasing the latest in computer graphics and interactive techniques. SIGGRAPH 2022 the 49th annual conference hosted by ACM SIGGRAPH, will take place as a hybrid event, with live events August 8-11 at the Vancouver Contention Center and virtual content available July 25-October 31. Click here for news from the conference and its partners.

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