The open place of C with the release of Jabari Parker


On Sunday afternoon, various NBA insiders announced the exit of the former No.2 draft pick Jabari parker, just three days before the Boston Celtics’ season opener against the Knicks. This leaves Boston with an open list spot, having the choice of which scope to fill it on.

Parker was a late-season addition for Boston last year, hoping to provide an offensive spark to an injury-riddled roster. Jabari ended up playing in ten regular season games, averaging 6.4 points in 13.8 minutes of action.

Its release leaves $ 100,000 of dead money on the books for this coming season, but allows the front office to acquire a different player in its stead. Some reports indicate Boston wants to sign another great man with the early-season health of Al Horford and Robert Williams at risk.

Jabari Parker no longer with the Boston Celtics

Parker provided a veteran presence for an extremely young 2019-20 Boston Celtics bench, being able to get his own bucket whenever he wanted. He even made an appearance in the team’s only playoff series against the Nets, and did quite well, scoring ten and 13 points in games four and five, respectively.

Jabari’s problem on the pitch has always been his lack of defensive skills, almost always being too slow to protect a perimeter player in space. This leaves him to be a small ball cross in most modern lineups, which creates an advantage on the attacking side of the ball but leaves him to keep 7 feet in the post at the other end of the pitch, which can easily abuse his. lack of size.

Many believed Parker would make the final 15-player roster, as he even started Friday’s preseason game against Miami. During the preseason he has shown an evolution in his attacking game, both removing defenders from the dribble, as well as being able to spot and hit shots from beyond the arc.

In three games, he scored 21 points on 8/20 from field and 3/6 from downtown. As the guy off the bench, he would have provided veteran leadership and an offensive spark whenever she got stagnant. Therefore, it seemed like a lock for the final contending list.

However, Brad Stevens decided to go in a different direction, this decision possibly having to do with Harry gillesrelease of the Los Angeles Clippers. Giles is a potential candidate to come to the Celtics as he should be added through a traditional position and not a two-way contract as he is not eligible.

Giles is a longtime friend of star Jayson Tatum, who dates back to when they were teammates at Duke. On the pitch, Giles has shown his ability to both finish at the rim and work in the midrange game. At just 23, he has a lot of untapped potential, with the Sacramento Kings and Portland Trail Blazers having failed to develop him.

This can be an opportunity for Giles to learn under the guidance of coach Udoka, with the possibility of playing at the start of the year.

The Boston Celtics have decided to let go of Jabari Parker despite a promising preseason – who will they turn to to complete their roster?

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