The Site C dam is expected to be completed in 2025

FORT ST. JOHN, BC – Site C is 65% complete and, according to site spokesman Bob Gammer, things are running smoothly and on schedule.

Site C is expected to be completed in 2025. (Jordan Prentice,

“We would say we are still on schedule for a 2025 completion date,” said Gammer. “These are the six units in service, producing electricity.”

The Site C substation is BC Hydro’s largest, with two 500 kilovolt transmission lines connecting to the Peace Canyon substation.

“The substation is in service and under voltage. So the electricity goes through the power lines behind the dam,” Gammer said.

Construction of Site C is within its COVID-reviewed budget of $16 billion. (Jordan Prentice,

Gammer says construction of Site C is within its COVID-revised $16 billion budget and will meet B.C.’s domestic needs.

“If there’s a surplus, it can be marketed elsewhere,” Gammer said. “But the number one priority is to take care of British Columbia.”

This year, Site C has more employees than ever, with 5,200 employees employed onsite and offsite.

Construction of the dam itself is expected to be completed next year.

The reservoir could be filled as early as next year if construction continues on schedule. (Jordan Prentice,

“About this time next year, if everything is ready to run on the spillway section and the generators are installed, we could potentially fill the reservoir as early as next year,” said Gammer. “However, we are still officially on track filling in 2024.”

Gammer said the infill depends on the progress of construction over the next 12 months.

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