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New in Visual Studio Code v1.63: Theme preview, notebook improvements, and more.

Visual Studio Code’s regular monthly update (November 2021 edition, v1.63) allows developers to preview themes before using them, improves notebook functionality, and provides a new Java home experience, as well that much more.

To preview themes, developers can navigate to the Color Themes drop-down list (Ctrl+K Ctrl+T) and click Browse additional color themes to list the Marketplace themes, after which the VS Code UI will preview the color theme when the developer navigates through the options presented in the drop-down list, like this:

animated gif showing navigation themes in a drop down list
[Click on image for larger, animated GIF view.] Browse themes in animated action (source: Microsoft).

As for improvements to notebooks – widely used in VS Code for data science and projects – they include:

  • Developers can now control the font size of Notepad Markdown content
  • VS Code now performs syntax highlighting of fenced blocks of code inside Markdown cells
  • Markdown inside notebooks can now be linked to other files in the current workspace
  • Markdown text that includes http Where https is now automatically turned into a link
  • Dynamic notebook toolbar label visibility — the notebook toolbar can decide whether an action’s label should be visible based on the width of the editor group

The new Java Home experience, meanwhile, is available in the Extension Pack for Java, which now helps developers set up and learn about Java in VS Code with walkthroughs that specifically detail how to install the Java runtime and useful frameworks, opening and debugging the project and running tests directly inside it. the editor.

Among a host of other improvements, the development team singled them out (with links for more information):

  • Configure Issue Browsing Order — Jump to next error or warning by severity or file position: “You can now set the Jump to Next Issue (Alt+F8) and Jump to previous issue (Shift+Alt+F8). In previous versions, the navigation order was based on severity, going first to errors, then to warnings, then to the rest.”
  • Show commands in screencast mode — Show command names with hotkeys: “You can now choose to show the names of commands when you trigger them via hotkeys in screencast mode. Use the Screencast Mode: Hotkey Format (screencastMode.keyboardShortcutsFormat) parameter to configure this behavior.”
  • Invisible Unicode Highlight — Highlights invisible or confusing Unicode characters.
  • TypeScript Method Completions – Quickly populate interface and override methods: “Method signature completions allow you to quickly override methods and implement interface methods. With this feature, when in the body of a class, method suggestions, such as those of a super class – inserts the entire method signature when accepted If you’re writing TypeScript, accepting the suggestion also adds any necessary imports for types referenced in the signature.
  • Pre-Release Extensions – Quickly try out new features and fixes for extensions: “VS Code now supports pre-release versions of extensions so you can choose to install them and try out the latest cutting-edge features of extensions.VS Code shows another Install the preview version option in extension To install drop-down menu to install the pre-release version.”
  • More extensions for — “Check out recent additions for VS Code for the web.”
  • Working in a container on an SSH server — New Remote — SSH Reopen in container command: “Work continues on remote development extensions, which allow you to use a container, a remote machine, or the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) as a full development environment. Highlights from version 1.63 include:”
    • You can now open a folder in a container when working on an SSH server with the Reopen in Container command.
    • Enhanced port forwarding security avoids dangerous ports.
    • The configurable WSL connection method allows you to use wsl.exe or a socket connection to talk to the server.
    • Advanced container setup videos showing how to change your project’s default location and improve performance on Windows.

If you want to know more about the update and the v1.63 release notes didn’t show up when opening VS Code today, you can read them all online here.

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