Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6 now available, with cross-platform development tools


Microsoft’s vice president of developers, S. Somasegar, announced in a blog post yesterday Visual Studio 15 and .NET 4.6 are both available for download now. Earlier this month, Microsoft revealed that both software will launch 9 days before Windows 10 RTM, a target the Redmond-based tech giant has decidedly achieved.

The 2015 Visual Studio Update contains developer tools for Android and iOS, a notable diversion from Microsoft’s generally exclusive focus on its own software products. Rather than using its developer tools to promote Windows, Microsoft appears to be building a cross-platform productivity utility with Visual Studio 2015, incorporating compatibility with game engines like Unity and even adding a “high performance” Visual Studio emulator for Android.

“Mobile development is increasingly about creating mobile experiences that run on many mobile platforms,” writes Somasegar. “Visual Studio 2015 includes cross-platform mobile development tools for building apps targeting iOS, Android, and Windows, and gives developers a choice of languages ​​and technologies to use when developing their mobile apps.

Complementing its clear focus on mobile, Visual Studio 2015 also brings improved support for C ++ 11/14/17 as well as TypeScript 1.5, F # 4.0, Python, and “dozens” of other programming languages.

And, as with .NET developers, Visual Studio now enables the creation of universal Windows applications for a variety of devices, including desktops, phones, IoT, and Hololens. Additionally, in conjunction with Xamarin’s C # compilers, Visual Studio 2015 developers are now able to build native iOS, Android, and Windows apps on a single shared codebase.

A growing range of coding languages ​​and supported platforms may be exciting for programmers keen to take advantage of Microsoft’s newest suite of tools, but the verdict is still not determined whether Visual Studio 2015 has. a chance to fight against Xcode or Google’s Android Developer Studio. However, anyone interested in trying their luck can now download the tools. here.

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