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Last month, Microsoft announced the release of Visual Studio for Mac: A comprehensive development environment to help Mac developers build apps, games, and services for mobile, cloud, and web. It’s designed natively for macOS, so the design – from toolbar to file dialogs – and developer’s workflow should be perfectly comfortable for Mac users. It’s also the best-in-class advanced C # code editor, with IntelliSense and a refactoring experience that includes an overview of proposed code changes.

Mobile and web developers working on Mac will appreciate the additional features Visual Studio for Mac offers C # developers, and developers who have used Visual Studio on Windows will instantly feel comfortable with the Solution Explorer and menu options. familiar. Visual Studio for Mac offers industry-leading support for NuGet – the .NET Package Manager – which provides access to thousands of prepackaged code libraries; you can also code in F #, and yes, C # 7 features are fully supported!

Cross-platform capabilities don’t stop there: Visual Studio for Mac shares the same solution format as its Windows counterpart. Teams made up of developers on Mac and Windows can open and work on the same projects, sharing code between platforms and applications. Built-in version control makes it easy to work with teams large or small, on local and remote Git repositories (including GitHub and BitBucket).

Mobile development

Visual Studio for Mac has a legacy in Xamarin Studio and therefore supports the development of cross-platform applications for iOS, Android and macOS with Xamarin. By installing the iOS and Android SDKs, you can build cross-platform mobile apps using C #, with full access to the underlying native APIs (including tvOS and watchOS).

It includes drag-and-drop UI designers for iOS and Android, giving you the ability to interactively create native iOS storyboards and Android XML layouts. Or, if you prefer, you can use Xamarin.Forms XAML to create a reusable cross-platform user interface (with a real-time preview option). Whichever option you choose, applications using Xamarin always render native controls and run at native speed.

To make it easier to get mobile development started, we also announced the preview of Xamarin Live players for iOS and Android, allowing you to start experimenting in seconds. Simply pair the app on your phone with Visual Studio for Mac using a QR code and instantly see your app running and you can make live edits along the way. When you want to build full apps, you can use the available simulators and emulators or test on real phones. Visual Studio for Mac can even help you build and deploy your finished apps to the App Store and Google Play. The Create Archive for Publishing option will walk you through the code signing and upload process.

Web and Cloud

However, Visual Studio for Mac isn’t just for mobile. The web editing experience on Visual Studio for Mac comes directly from code ported from Visual Studio (on Windows). It includes support for developing .NET Core applications and ASP.NET Core backends, which can be deployed on Windows, Linux, or on Microsoft Azure. The editor also supports full HTML, CSS and JavaScript and IntelliSense syntax highlighting for the front-end of your web application.

To build for the cloud, the Connected Services feature lets you add Azure functionality to mobile apps without leaving the IDE, and .NET Core web apps can be published directly to Microsoft Azure. There are more cool stuff in the pipeline, including support for Azure Functions and the ability to deploy using Docker containers, which are currently available in preview.

Games too

In addition, Visual Studio for Mac includes the ability to create games using Unity, the most popular game engine around. You can directly edit your Unity scripts with the same world-class C # editing experience, including full syntax highlighting and IntelliSense. Debugging is also just a button away, with full debugger support for Unity games. For mobile games, you can also use Xamarin to access native gaming APIs like SpriteKit, or cross-platform options like CocosSharp and UrhoSharp.

Give it a try and let us know what you think

Start with download the community edition of Visual Studio for Mac for free to start developing ASP.NET Core web apps, Unity games, and Android and iOS mobile apps, all in C #!

We’re very proud of this release and want to hear what you think about it – please send us your feedback! Leave a comment below, use Visual Studio for Mac “to report a problem“or” Provide a suggestion “(in the Help menu) to provide comments, or join the conversation in the Visual Studio for Mac Community forums.

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