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Microsoft Visual Studio seems to be having a bad Wednesday with users of the development suite forced to jump into Microsoft’s feedback forum to complain about prolonged issues with the software installer.

The problem manifests itself when the installer tries to extract files from where Microsoft has hidden them. Rather than the usual progress bar of optimism, users have found themselves staring at “Getting things ready…” or “Checking for updates…” while the backend seems to be twiddling its thumbs.

The issues were first reported on Twitter around 07:30 UTC, and the annoyance is palpable. Eight hours and counting, but normal service still hasn’t resumed.

A few users have managed to get things started, only to be presented with an “An installer file was not downloaded” error.

Some assumed the problem was with their installation, and so uninstalled and tried to reinstall the software, then found themselves stuck once again, except this time without even an outdated IDE they can use.

It’s not a great look for Microsoft. Earlier this week, the company bragged, “We’re continually improving the Visual Studio update experience so that it’s as easy and effortless as possible,” with the addition of an Update All button. update on the installer.

A single click should have been enough to do the magic: “So you can quickly run the updates, go have a cup of tea, and when you come back, all your installations will have been updated with the latest that Visual Studio has to offer.”

Instead, users are forced to spend quality time wondering why the app disappeared.

Microsoft has yet to comment officially on this, however, the developers have taken matters into their own hands, with some suggesting a change to the hosts file, while others have launched VPNs to help the installer get to where it needs to go.

Obviously, extreme caution should be exercised when playing with Windows internals.

The issue appears to be regional, with users across Europe and the Middle East registering complaints, including developers The Reg talked. Additionally, some developers have reported success on one device but failure on another.

As for Visual Studio’s own service status page, at the time of writing everything was green and users were greeted with a cheery “All is well, no active events yet” while they were sadly thinking about how to recover after an uninstall.

Visual Studio Status

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“Lies, damn lies, and cloud service status dashboards,” one user joked.

The register contacted Microsoft to find out what happened to Visual Studio’s servers and will update if the company responds. ®

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