Vitabrid C12 Vitamin C Powder Transforms Problem Skin Overnight

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No skincare regimen is complete without vitamin C – the trusted ingredient revives dull, sun-damaged skin, fades dark spots and softens fine lines like no other. While it’s fairly easy to spot products containing vitamin C, it may be less common to get the purest, most stabilized version. Finding vitamin C serums and creams that last (meaning they won’t quickly oxidize to a darker shade, signaling they’ve become less effective) can be tricky, but that’s where breakthrough products like Vitabrid C12 Brightening Face Powder come into play. The uniquely designed formula has become such a hit with shoppers that over 4.9 million bottles have been sold to date.

The best-selling powder contains the brand’s patented Vitabrid CG technology, which contains a highly stabilized active form of vitamin C that penetrates deep into the skin for 12 hours. This extended duration allows your complexion to benefit from all the benefits of vitamin C without feeling any irritation. Even more appealing, the powder can be mixed daily with your favorite serums and creams, or whenever your skin needs an extra dose of brightening. Long-term effects are also promised; the formula noticeably minimizes signs of aging, hyperpigmentation and congested pores with continued use.

This is hardly surprising, given the endorsement that vitamin C has garnered from skin experts. Case in point: as board-certified dermatologist Dr. Michelle Henry previously said In the style, “Vitamin C’s antioxidant activity protects against UV-induced damage caused by free radicals, which will prevent accelerated aging and skin cancer. It also boosts firmness by regulating collagen production.”

And, according to hundreds of five-star reviews on the Vitabrid and Nordstrom websites, this “awesome” vitamin C product is not to be missed. Shoppers love how easy it is to add the powder into their skincare, noting that it instantly dissolves into their serums, creams, and even foundation without leaving it “texturized or gritty.” Many also talk about the major differences the versatile product has had on a host of issues, including redness, sun spots, acne, and wrinkles, leading most to reorder multiple bottles.

“Wow, where was that [all] my adult life,” said a Nordstrom customer. “I’ve had two people ask me why my skin looks so smooth.

“I love Vitabrid C12 to help fade hyperpigmentation spots and brighten my skin, so this unique vitamin C powder is a big plus for me,” a second person shared. “I can add a pinch to other products and enjoy the benefits of those products while giving my face an extra dose of vitamin C.”

“This is the best vitamin C product I have ever tried,” said a third. “You see a clearer tone the next day and as you continue to use [it]dark spots fade.”

Adding vitamin C to your skin routine doesn’t get much easier than with Vitabrid C12 Brightening Face Powder. Pick up a bottle of the much-loved product at Vitabrid or Nordstrom.

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