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VS 2022 for Mac Preview 8 tackles major quality issues

Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 8 has been released with the development team addressing major feedback issues as part of a massive effort to revamp the IDE and provide equal quality to its Windows counterpart, which has made its debut last November.

The development team has been plagued with performance and reliability issues with the IDE dating back to 2018 when VS 2019 for Mac underwent a reliability overhaul caused by a lot of negative feedback on core functionality. This redesign included replacing most of the editor internals with code from the Visual Studio IDE for Windows.

This was followed by another huge push to take the native UI. Now, Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2022 for Mac website says, “We are moving Visual Studio for Mac to the native macOS user interface, which will address over 100 previously reported issues related to performance, reliability, and quality of the product. By using native macOS UI, the IDE now works more reliably with macOS’ built-in assistive technologies.”

Debugging a client-side Blazor app in VS 2022 for Mac
[Click on image for larger view.] Debugging a client-side Blazor app in VS 2022 for Mac (source: Microsoft).

Announcing few new features or functionality in Preview 8, Microsoft is focused on releasing the general availability version, not knowing when that might happen.

“In this release, the focus is on fixing major issues reported in previous preview builds and delivering a high-quality GA (general availability) release,” said Jordan Matthiesen, Senior Maintainer. of the program, Visual Studio for Mac, in a March 31 blos post. “This work builds on previous previews where we moved the UI from the IDE to a fully native macOS UI and migrated the IDE to run on .NET 6 (allowing support for native support of Apple’s M1 (arm64) processor.”

This work addresses some of the major feedback issues reported on the Developer Community site:

The preview release notes list several other issues that have been fixed, as well as changes to the debugger, testing tools, web/Azure, Xamarin, and more.

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