What to expect at the Solutions Review Q4 2022 Data Demo Day on September 15

Data Demo Day Q4 2022 will feature live product demos from leading data management and analytics vendors Monte Carlo, Syncari and Infragistics.

What is Data Demo Day?

The data demo day for the fourth quarter of 2022 is a exclusive virtual fair presenting an overview of technologies from three leading providers of data management and analytics solutions. Solutions Review is hosting this online event to showcase the latest data management and analytics tools from the comfort and safety of your own office, and the best part? This is free to participate!

Join the largest community of data management and analytics practitioners

Solutions Review Data Management and Analytics is the largest community of data software buyers and practitioners on the web. Our universe of influence extends to more than 7 million business and IT decision makers, as well as senior executives and other senior management professionals. Our readers use us primarily as a source of enterprise technology information and a trusted resource for solving some of their toughest problems.

Our collection of vendor independent buyer resources aims to support data management and analytics practitioners during the research and discovery phase of a buying cycle. This critical stage of information gathering is where buyers narrow the scope of solution providers to a shortlist they plan to engage. Solutions Review’s mission is to make it easier to connect buyers of data management and analytics software with the best vendors.

Featured Solution Providers

Monte Carlo 106The Monte Carlo Data Observability Platform takes the best practices and principles of automatic application observability and applies them to data pipelines. This gives data engineers and analysts visibility into all data pipelines and data products. Monte Carlo also offers machine learning that gives users a holistic view of an organization’s data health and reliability for important business use cases.

Syncar 106Syncari enables customers to align, analyze and activate hundreds of millions of records and power tens of thousands of RevOps automation. Recently added key features include unified data and shared metrics, pre-built dashboards and reports, multi-object reports, and Insight Sync. Syncari was originally designed to help revenue managers regain control of their data sources and integrations through the cleansing, merging and augmentation of intelligence data.

Infragistics 106Infragistics helps developers build apps through enterprise-class UI tools designed for web, Windows, and mobile apps. The vendor also provides design tools for interactive prototyping. Key features included in an Infragistics deployment include SharePlus (the universal mobile interface for SharePoint) and ReportPlus, a self-service dashboard and reporting application. Infragistics also boasts excellent customer support.


What: Solutions Review Data Demo Day, Q4 2022

When: Thursday, September 15, 2022, 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Where: Zoom meeting (see registration page for more details)

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